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One of the local Machu Picchu facts is that Machu Picchu is also known as the “Old Peak”. This has long been considered as a natural Inca site which is located at a height of 7,970 feet above the sea level. It is located quite high above the mountain ridge located at the Urubamba Valley. This valley is also located 80 km North West to the Cuzco. This is the place where the Urubamba River uses to flow. Archeologists across the globe have strongly feel that Machu Picchu is an estate and the Inca emperor Pachacutec has contributed a lot to develop this great monument. It is also termed as The Lost City of the Incas. It is also considered as one of the greatest as well as iconic creation of the Inca dynasty.

Machu Picchu Facts

machu picchu factsWell, the great Incas have designed this site around 1400AD. This site was intended for the community that was expected to love for several generations further. However, this site was abandoned by the Inca rulers after a century when the Spanish have conquered the Inca dynasty. The Spaniards have looked for the natives deeply, but they were not able to discover this estate during their quest. Well, the natives have still abandoned the estate and opted for a highly productive land to find their living.

Well, these Machu Picchu facts are restricted to the people living in Peru. However, due to the interference of the international media, Machu Picchu has come into limelight during 20th century. Soon this place has been declared as a great vacationing spot where travelers love to explore the greatness of Incas often. Machu Picchu was created in a classical style, yet the Incas have added their traditional styles for this place. The built of Machu Picchu is based on the polished and dry stones on the walls. Some of the key additions for Machu Picchu are located as the Sacred District and these are:

  • Sun Temple
  • Room of the Three Windows
  • Intihuatana

Here are a few good Machu Picchu facts: going to the mountain is done by hiking for 4 days and by bus or train. Whereas riding bus, ensure to capture beauty of river. Most of the visitors select hiking to reach this place, this they will enjoy natural surroundings. At times weather is cold while climbing through mountain, thus most of the backpackers can carry the tent & warm clothes. In case, your knees can’t take 4 day hike, and your best option will be the Machu Picchu train.

Another one of the many Machu Picchu facts, is that the Ancient city of Incas, or known as “Lost City of Incas”, generally occupies around 33 hectares on the flat plateau. It is located at altitude of 2700 meters over sea level in Valley of Urubamba, and nestled in 2 peaks of the Huayna Picchu & Machu Picchu.

Conclusion: Machu Picchu Facts

The excavations carried at Machu Picchu unearthed world popular Gateway of Sun, referred as “Intihuatana & Observatory”. Enough about Machu Picchu facts, and let’s visit the site were you will see the remnants of temples, palaces, two hundred and more of buildings, stairs, defensive walls, gutters as well as swimming pools, which were carved in a rock or built from fitted blocks.


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  1. Yes, Machu Picchu is just breathtaking. I did read your blog during my stay in Peru and enjoyed it a lot, good info.

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