Peru will be the starting point of the exciting Dakar Rally of 2013. The South American Dakar 2013 route will span 3 South American countries namely: Peru, Argentina and finally, Chile. The challenging race will start in Lima, Peru and will end in Santiago, Chile. The Dakar 2013 route will be a grueling 8,000 kilometer travel from start to finish. The Dakar Rally doesn’t only test speed, but also endurance, the race’s 2013 edition will be a long race expected to last 15 days starting on the 5th of January and ending on the 20th of January of 2013.

Dakar 2013 Dates: 5th January to 20th of January of 2013

The race will be scenic, as always, as the Dakar 2013 route will take racers through sand dunes, scenic coastal roads, river views, lake views and mountain views. The racers are going to be experiencing varying climates along their travels. Temperature is expected to reach up to 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit) with some parts going well below the 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit) mark. These extreme variations in temperature not only will test each pilot resilience, but also the equipment and engines of each of the participant’s vehicles and their respective crews. The roads are also going to be tough as not all roads are paved or leveled. The racers will be expected to drive through the roughest and toughest roads imaginable in South America.

Dakar 2013 Peru

The Dakar Rally has involved the Peruvians not just as hosts of the race but also as participants of the race. There are touted to be 2 dozen Peruvians participating in the tough race. The Dakar Rally’s Peru leg of the race is just going to take 5 days from Lima, the capital of Peru, to Tacna. The race’s first stop is in Lima, Peru which is home to almost 30 million people and considered the heart of the nation.

Dakar 2013 Route

The Dakar 2013 route from Lima to Pisco is going to be about 263 kilometers (almost 164 miles). This route is going to showcase the appealing landscape of coastal Peru. On the second day, the race is going to be concentrated on Pisco’s sandy dunes only but the race will cover more than 300 kilometers in total (a bit more than 186 miles). The most interesting part of the race would be on the third day from Pisco to Nazca which is going to be a long 345 kilometers (214 miles) race from end to end. Nazca, as many would know, is the most scenic and most interesting Dakar 2013 Route touristic spot of all, as it is home to the famous Nazca lines, which are ancient line drawings on the ground that are only visible in the air

The fourth stage is going to be from Nazca to Arequipa. It’s going to be a grueling 420 kilometer (261 miles) race on the desert dunes. According to experts, this is going to be the most challenging part of the Dakar 2013 Route in Peru. The fifth day is going to mark the end of the Peru leg of the race as the racers are going to end up on Arica, which is already part of Chile. This part of the race is going to cover more than 300 kilometers in total (186 miles).

Dakar 2013 Tours

For the more adventurous tourists who want to participate in the Peru leg of the race, there are specialized tours that would allow them to rent a 4×4 wheeled vehicle and follow the racers across Peru. It’s going to be an interesting tour as the visitors are going to be camping out during the nights and will be able to feel a bit of what the pilots and crew will go through to complete the rally. There are tours that allow visitors to stay at hotels, but that wouldn’t be as exciting. In addition, there are aerial tours and river tours for those who want to have a more exciting time following the race. Is not too late yet and might be a great way to spend your vacation if you are already in Peru or are planning to travel to Peru soon.


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