When visiting Lima, Peru don’t feel obligated to visit only museums and churches, Lima’s streets are full of life day or night and there is no shortage of entertainment and fun. We all know about the exquisite food served in many of the best restaurants in Latin America, but did you know that you can taste wines from around the world in many of the nicest bars in Lima.

You don’t need to visit Pisco to try some of the best Pisco Sours in the country, so here’s an idea, after a long day  walking yourself through Lima and learning about our magnificent ancesters take some time off and enjoy a Pisco Sour or a wine in any of these bars:

1. Huaringas

Located in Avenida (Ovalo) Bolognesi 460, Miraflores, Huaringas Bar is one of the main attractions inside famous Brujas de Cachiche Restaurant. Huaringas offers a huge selection of fruit pisco sours like Pisco Sour de Maracuya (“maracuya sour“), Brujo Sour (made with coca leaves) and an exquisite assortment of appetizers like the favorites fried yucas in huancaina sauce and causitas. Live music (modern jazz and instrumental) fills the air and gives the place a unique atmosphere. Make sure to book early or you won’t find a place to sit after 9pm.

Hours: M-Sat: 12am – 4:30pm and 7pm – Midnight
Sun: 12:30am – 4:30pm
Website: http://www.brujasdecachiche.com.pe/bar.html (Spanish)
http://www.brujasdecachiche.com.pe/ibar.html (English)
Reservations (by web): http://www.brujasdecachiche.com.pe/iconta.html
Phone: 445-7154

2. La Calesa

Located in Manuel Bañon 255 in San Isidro. Founded in 1966, La Calesa started as a restaurant and you can still see evidence of her beefy past. Samuel Diaz is the barman in charge and pisco sour is his masterpiece.

Hours: Mon, Wed: 6:30pm – Midnight
Thu, Fri, Sat: 6:30pm – 2am
Phone: 440-5568

3. El Bar Ingles

Located in Los Eucaliptos 590, San Isidro, inside one of the most elegants hotels in Lima, the Country Club Lima Hotel, El Bar Ingles opened its doors in 1927. El Bar Ingles is a classic place serving one of the best pisco sours in Lima. Roberto Melendez, a renowned barman who has received many awards for his famous formula works at this location.

Hours: Mon – Sun: 12m – 1am.
Website: www.hotelcountry.com
Phone: (511) 611-9000 | (511) 611-9002

4. El Bar Ole

Located in Pancho Fierro 109, in the heart of San Isidro, El Bar Ole offers a luxurious cocktail bar in a traditional English bar atmosphere serving exquisite martinis in the style of James Bond.

Reservations (Phone): 422-6362
Email: olebar_restaurante@terra.com.pe

5. La Posada del Mirador

Located in La Ermita 104, Barranco, La Posada del Mirador offers a good selection of classic drinks and snacks in a very peaceful place with an awesome view.

6. Picas

Located in Bajada de Baños 340, in Barranco offers signature cocktails and appetizers by Chef Israel Laura. Do yourself a favor and book any Saturdays in advance by calling 252-8095. You should try the following: jugo de maracuya (passion fruit juice), jarabe de te (tea syrup), macerado de uña de gato (macerated cat’s claw). During weekdays becomes a more peaceful but still classy place for a casual drink. If possible, don’t leave Lima without visiting this place.

Hours: Mon – Saturday: 5pm – 3am
Website: http://www.picas.com.pe/
You can make reservations online (site is in Spanish and English)
Phone: 252-8095

7. La Esquina Wine Bar

Located in Berlin 920, Miraflores, this bar offers to the wine lovers a wide selection of wines by the glass from around the world. Forget about time sampling a fine wine, cheese or European cold cuts at La Esquina Winebar. It is a very casual environment and is always ready to serve experts and beginners in any of their 34 tables. Prices can range from 14 Nuevos Soles to 34 Nuevos Soles for each glass. Bottles from 180 distilleries around the world can cost from 50 Nuevos Soles to thousands of dollars from the most expensive ones bottles imported from France. What a better company to wine that cheese, you can find cheeses from Spain, Holland, Germany, Swiss, and France, as well as cold cuts, hams and fruits.

Phone: 652-7255 and 816-7486 or 242-2456

8. Cepas Restobar

Located in Cantuarias 263 in Miraflores. Offers a select list of wines from Argentina, Chile, Spain and Italy. Also available is beer, all the Peruvian brands are represented and many internationals also. Prices are around 16 Nuevos Soles for 2 glasses of reds and 1 glass of white. Besides wine you have the option to eat many gourmet snacks.

Phone: 775-7769

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