List of all Conferences from Museo de la Nacion for February 2010

Museo de la Nacion Exhibits. Picture by leander.canaris

Here is a list of all the Museo de la Nacion Exhibitions for February 2010. I did a quick translation of their conference list published in their site and I will try to keep updated as much as possible. All conferences are free to join but please call Museo de la Nacion (476-9933 extensions 2225 – 2226 – 2280) first to make sure the conference you want to attend is schedule to take place.

Museo de la Nacion Conferences for February 2010



Shows that presents the history of Pucara Torito and contextualizes the famous ceramic tile with ceramic traditions Puno, Cajamarca, Cusco, Apurimac, Ayacucho, among others. With pottery, photographs and panels with illustrated stories suggest that the Andean bull is one of the avatars of amaru and is associated with the lakes and hills. They complement the exhibition a documentary on the production of the bull and an animation about the “huancaíno burilado” bull.
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Fourth Floor


Exhibition of costumes for a group of folk artists who have innovated their wardrobes with the addition of grounds relating to national symbols, heroes and historical figures, and representations of pre-Hispanic cultural heritage and character of our history. Includes a sample of archaeological pieces are represented in the locker room set, which attempts to link the past with the present.
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First floor


Graphical display that allows to know very didactic manner the significance of the Camino Principal Andino and multidisciplinary work performed by the program Qhapaq Nan National Institute of Culture. Amusing illustrations, photographs, artifacts, costumes, audio and video, provide insight into the work carried out by archaeologists, anthropologists, architects, historians and geographers to rescue the ancient way, and the traditions and customs of the towns located along the Qhapaq Nan.
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Fourth Floor

UNITY IN DIVERSITY: thematic approaches to Peruvian history

Exhibition addresses the history of Peru from a broad perspective, thematic and chronological free of limitations. The idea is to prove that Peruvians are the result of a long historical tradition.

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Third floor


Exhibition of unique pieces of Peruvian culture, from pre-Columbian times to contemporary art. This sample was appreciated by presidents, heads of state and representatives of 60 countries from Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union, participating in the V EU-LAC Summit.
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First floor

Yuyanapaq. TO REMEMBER

A photographic exhibition which tells of the events between 1980 and 2000 and attempts to reconstruct the visual memory of the period of internal armed conflict that caused the death and disappearance of thousands. 182 photos selected based on research made by the Truth Commission on the basis of 80 national photographic archives.
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Sixth floor

Admission to all rooms is free.

For a complete list (in Spanish) of conferences plus series of Lectures on Art and Culture and Workshops for families and Art Workshops email Museo de la Nacion Workshops at “” or visit their page:

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