How much basic grocery products like milk and bread cost in Lima, Peru? Here is 30+ grocery items' prices from January 2010

Buying groceries in Lima, Peru

Do you want to have a better idea of how much basic grocery products like milk and bread cost in Lima, Peru?. Here is a small list of prices for various grocery items like sugar, rice, chicken, potatoes and milk.

Of course, due to the dynamic nature of the Peruvian market, grocery prices will fluctuate sometimes significantly. Besides the obvious reasons like season and location, there are also external reasons like rains and oil prices. At best, take this list as an average price for each grocery item and always check prices of all products you are buying. I will try my best to keep writing and updating about grocery prices and please let me know if there is something missing or you are looking for so we can added in the next articles.

Remember: 1 Kilo = 1000 grams = 2.2 lbs

PRICE IN  S/. (Peruvian Soles)
Pollo (chicken) 7.50 – 8.00 (kilo)
Carne de Res (beef) 14.00 (kilo)
Bistec de Lomo (sirloin) 18.00 – 20.00 (kilo)
Carne de cordero (lamb) 15.00 – 18.00 (kilo)
Hamburguesa (hamburger) Pack of 6 7.00
Fish (Two of the best varieties below)
Mero 18.00 – 20.00 (kilo)
Cojinova 16.00 (kilo)
Atun (Tuna) Campomar 4.50 – 5.00 (can)
Atun (Tuna) Incamar 4.50 – 5.00 (can)
Azucar blanca (White Sugar) 3.00 (kilo)
Arroz (rice) Superior 3.00 (kilo)
Arroz (rice) Costeño 3.00 (kilo)
Cebolla roja (red onion) 2.50 (kilo)
Choclo (corn) 1.00 each
Papa blanca (white potatoes) 1.40 (kilo)
Papa amarilla (yellow potatoes) 1.50 – 1.80 (kilo)
Pan (sliced bread) 3.50 (unit)
Pan frances (french bread roll) 0.50 each
Mantequilla (butter) Laive 100 gr 2.80 – 2.90
Mantequilla (butter) Gloria 425 gr 9.00 – 10.65
Jamonada de Pollo (chicken luncheon meat) 100 gr 1.80
Jamonada Bologna (bologna) 100 gr 2.80
Leche fresca (fresh milk)
Whole milk (bag of 946 ml) 2.60
Whole milk light 2% (bag of 946 ml) 2.65 – 2.80
Cafe instantaneo (instant coffee)
Nescafe Decaf (50 gr) 7.49
Nescafe Tradition (50 gr) 7.15
Cafe (coffee: whole or ground beans)
Valle Sagrado Britt (250 gr) 20.90
Gourmet Bolsa Altomayo (500 gr) 17.50
Pepsi (3 liters) 4.50
Inka Kola (3 liters) 6.50
Agua Mineral San Mateo Sin Gas (mineral water without gas) 2.5 liters 3.10
Agua Natural Evian (1 liter) 8.70
Agua San Mateo con Gas (water with gas) 1.6 liters 2.50

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