5 Delicious and Quick Food Tours in Lima, Peru


Visiting Peru and missing on their wonderful variety of cuisines will be a huge miss. The problem, is that many times, Lima is just a breather while on our way to Machu Picchu. But is in Lima, with their sizeable Andean population (not to mention Amazonian, Northern and Southern immigrants) is your best chance to try a little bit of each Peruvian cuisine and Food Tours are the best way to go from one place to another, tasting something different on each stop and without wasting any precious second in the Peruvian capital.

The Best Food Tours in Lima, Peru

This is by no means the only inclusive and exclusive food tours list available, nor it’s mean to be. Please, if you offer a food tour in Lima, Peru and will like to be added to this list, send me your information so we can consider adding you to our list.

Try to call or visit their website (if available) for the latest information. This is after all a personal traveler blog and information will become outdated as soon as I hit the publish button.

1. Lima Colors and Flavors Walking Tour

Lima Colors and Flavors Walking Tour
Lima Colors and Flavors Walking Tour

This three-and-a-half-hour tour will highlight the fact that Chorrillos, the fisherman’s village is right along the sea. The fresh seafood will ask any traveler away to the deck of a boat, where they can truly experience the expression “fresh fish”. After that, visiting the Barranco district, the tour shows off all the trendiness that is there. Murals, paintings, and even the Bridge of Sighs can be seen. This tour will show off all the hopping nightlife, some of the best in Lima. Although it is only three and a half hours, this tour is not to be missed.

Some of their benefits include a free hotel pickup (super convenient). The group is always small and you will be accompanied by a professional tour guide.

You can visit this page for bookings: https://www.viator.com/tours/Lima/Lima-Colors-and-Flavors-Walking-Tour/d928-17020P3

2. Lima Full-Day Culinary, Historic and Traditional City Tour

Lima Full-Day Culinary, Historic and Traditional City Tour
Lima Full-Day Culinary, Historic and Traditional City Tour

After being picked up from the hotel, this all-day tour can amaze your senses with all of its experiences. It will start by visiting Chinatown, the largest in South America, where the tour can experience a handful of vibrant new dishes, inspired by Peruvian-Chinese takes. Following this, the tour will watch a local chef make his own ceviche, and learn all his secrets. This tour will visit Barranco during the day, which will allow the tour to visit all types of shops for trinkets and souvenirs, as well as see how they are produced. Finally, the tour will end at a restaurant that will serve the famous local dessert: picarones. This local treat can only be done properly in Lima, and will have everyone full, as well as content. Though the tour is a bit more expensive, it is an all-day tour that will well be worth the trip to Peru.

You can visit this page for bookings: http://www.limamentor.com/tours/full-day-lima-a-culinary-historic-traditional-city/

3. Lima Market Tour, Cooking Class and Pisco Sour Lesson

Lima Market Tour, Cooking Class and Pisco Sour Lesson
Lima Market Tour, Cooking Class and Pisco Sour Lesson

This tour is more hands on, as it is based on visiting the market, where the tour can get a full blast of what it is like to be a true Peruvian. Following the trip to the market, the tour will head to a local restaurant where they can enjoy watching a chef prepare ceviche. While they watch, they can also try to make a Pisco Sour, Peru’s national cocktail. Following that, once everyone has had enough cocktails, a sit-down lunch is provided, so everyone can enjoy true Peruvian cuisine.

You can visit this page for bookings: https://www.viator.com/tours/Lima/Lima-Market-Tour-Cooking-Class-and-Pisco-Sour-Lesson/d928-5243LIMTG

4. Lima Bar Crawl Including Drinks and Food Tastings

Lima Bar Crawl Including Drinks and Food Tastings
Lima Bar Crawl Including Drinks and Food Tastings

This tour is more for the night owls, who will spend the evening going from bar to bar, trying different drinks and trying the meat from street vendors. This authentic experience will be included in a mix of historic musings, as well as different libations that will excite the mouth and the eyes. This small grouping will provide a more personalized atmosphere, to really intimately get to know Lima.

You can visit this page for bookings: https://www.viator.com/tours/Lima/Lima-Bar-Crawl-Including-Drinks-and-Food-Tastings/d928-5207PEUQ

5. Bike, Boat and Food Tour in Lima

This five-hour tour will allow any tourist to see the city from multiple angles. Spending most of the day cycling around, and then twenty minutes on a boat, will allow people to really get a sense of what lima is all about. Snacks provided, this tour will go around the city, and allow the tour to see the grace and beauty that is Lima from the water. This tour finishes with a craft beer guaranteed to help anyone see Lima in its entirety quickly.

You can visit this page for bookings: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/peru/lima/activities/bike-boat-and-food-tour-in-lima/a/pa-act/v-23058P5/363412


This is just a small sample of the many food tours available in Lima, Peru. Like I said before, if you enjoy tasting the cuisine of every place you travel (and even if you don’t, but will like to start), this is the perfect place to get into a food tour and taste as many of the different flavors of Peru. Have fun and enjoy your visit.


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