You have to enjoy these 5 sensational vegetarian restaurants while staying in Lima, Peru. Peru is not simply an architectural and vacation destination but also a culinary epicenter in Latin America.

When visiting Lima, there are a plethora of restaurant options with bold and bright Peruvian flavors and other spots that showcase a fusion of Latin American cuisines.

If you are looking to enjoy the Peruvian restaurant scene but are searching for vegetarian options, or simply attempting to stick to healthy eating, there are numerous locales that cater to vegetarians.

There are many vegetarian restaurants in Lima (and some very good vegetarian restaurants in Cuzco) that offer both classical Peruvian cooking with a vegetarian twist and other restaurants that play around with Asian and European influences as well.

UPDATE: There is an older list of vegetarian restaurants in Lima, Peru (8 Vegetarian Restaurants in Lima, Peru), but I decided to created a more updated list and hopefully more will continue (maybe a sushi, indian, or food from the northern part of Peru).

1.     La Casa de Bea

If you’re looking for a more familial type feel, try the La Casa de Bea. This restaurant is family run and barely recognizable as an establishment from the street in La Molina neighborhood (just ring the bell for the host to let you in). The menu is traditional but experimental and offers guests authentic, home-cooked meals. Try to make a reservation if you are thinking about visiting on the weekends.


Address: Jr. El Molino 174 (at La Molina District), Lima, Peru

Phone: +51 987 111 417

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 12:30pm-4:30pm



2.     Raw Cafe Club

Considering a more modern locale? The Raw Cafe Club is an excellent choice. The chefs at Raw Cafe Club showcase vegetarian and vegan options that focus heavily on the raw food movement that centers on minimally processed, bright, and natural flavors, showcasing ingredients in their most untouched and pure form. The Raw Cafe Club features cold-pressed juices, raw pizzas and a selection of delicious wraps and sandwiches. This is an excellent choice for a quick lunch or leisurely breakfast.



  • Calle Independencia 587, Miraflores – Phone: (+51) 1- 446-9456 / delivery
  • Calle Mariano Odicio 432, Miraflores – Phone: (+51) 1- 241-7696 / delivery
  • Calle Los Sauces 511, La Molina – Phone: (+51) 1- 365-2318

Hours: Monday to Saturday: 9am. to 9pm.

Sunday: 10am to 6pm.



3.     Seitan Urban Bistro

A more upscale vegetarian and vegan choice is the Seitan Urban Bistro. At Seitan guests, can chose from a selection of Peruvian haute cuisine, including fresh olive tapenade and house pureed cold soups. There is a patio space for al fresco dining as well Seitan Urban Bistro is a refined locale where reservations are recommended.


Address: Alfonso Ugarte 150, Miraflores, Miraflores District, Lima

Phone: (+51) 1- 340-5077

Hours: Monday – Saturday: 12:30pm. to 10:30pm.




4.     El Jardin de la Casa Roja

Another gem is El Jardin de la Casa Roja. This vegetarian restaurant is also located in the Miraflores neighborhood, and features Peruvian, Asian, and internationalist cuisine. El Jardin de la Casa Roja uses fresh local ingredients and offers an eclectic menu ranging from pizza to more sophisticated rice and roasted vegetable dishes. This spot also offers vegetarian and vegan desserts. Be aware that this is a lacto-ovo-vegetarian, just in case you are looking for something stricter.

Address: Calle General Pedro Silva 699. Urb. San Antonio, 18 Miraflores, Lima

Phone: (+51) 1- 446-1922


Hours: Monday to Saturday: 12:30pm. to 4pm.


5.     Germinando Vida

Amazing delicious and healthy vegetarian food and a friendly staff. Maybe a little on the expensive side, but is just a matter of preference. Great location in Barranco close to the main square (o Plaza Principal).


Address: Avenida Grau 209-A, Barranco, Lima, Peru

Phone: +51 937 040 006

Hours: I had seen many different ones, please call to make sure or visit their website for updated hours.





When dining out in Lima, Peru there are numerous options for cleaner, greener eating. The restaurants listed are merely a short selection of dedicated vegan and vegetarian locales in Lima, and there are many smaller and more casual spots where one can easily get vegan and vegetarian take-away options.

Furthermore, many of the restaurants in Lima, while not explicitly vegetarian, certainly offer such options. Peruvian cuisine is bright, fresh, bold, and flavorful.

Vegetarians vacationing and visiting in Lima have numerous opportunities to enjoy the local food without sacrificing any dietary needs or preferences. Lima is culinary epicenter of Latin American fusion and is fast becoming a leader in internationalist cuisine for both vegetarians and meat-eaters.



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