Finally, Mistura 2010, the Gastronomic Festival in Lima, Peru is almost here. A year after Mistura 2009 was a complete success; the organizers are back with a bigger, longer, and cheaper edition of this popular gastronomic festival now complete with cuisine conferences, round tables, music and art and thousands of Peruvian dishes representing the different cuisines along the Peruvian terrain. Mistura 2010 is organized by the Peruvian Society of Gastronomy (Sociedad Peruana de Gastronomia) or APEGA and brings the different cultures, ethnicities and gastronomy all over Peru together in one event.

The third edition of the International Gastronomic Fair in Lima Peru, also known as Mistura 2010, will take place from September 7th to September 12th at a new location, the Parque de la Exposicion (located at Avenida 28 de Julio and Garcilaso de la Vega), effectively doubling the size of last year’s venue.

The attendance level experienced by the organizers in last year’s Mistura brought new changes for this year’s edition. To avoid long ticket lines the day of the event You can now buy online starting July 1st. Also during the festival there will be no sales at the location of the fair but instead You will be able to buy tickets at the Real Plaza Mall (“Centro Comercial Real Plaza”).

Ticket prices remain relatively affordable. You can go here to check all packages and prices. If you buy tickets ahead of the event and starting July 1st you can save 25% compared to buying tickets during the gastronomic fair. A new addition is the Family Pack tickets that include entrance for 2 adults and 2 children for around 40 Nuevos Soles. Be aware that the organizers in an effort to provide a safe environment for everyone had decided to stop the sale of new tickets if the maximum limit of 25,000 people is reached. So try to be one of the first ones if all possible. Prices for the dishes are also affordable and are 3, 6 and 12 Nuevos Soles depending on the dish.

Mistura 2010 Ticket and Food Prices

Among these year participants at Mistura 2010 you can find the following “cebicherias“: Punta Sal, Puerto Mancora, Caplina, Segundo Muelle and La Preferida. Restaurants specialized in (rotisserie) chicken (“pollo a la brasa”) and beef  for example: Las Leñas, el Hikari, La Granja Azul, La Miga, y el Breadt Haus. Delicious regional food will be represented by El Tarwi, El Aguajal, Fiesta de Chiclayo, La Paisana, Laredo, El Cantaron de Lambayeque y El Rinconcito Arequipeño. You will also find japanese food (El Edo y el Maido) and chinese food (Royal and El Salon de la Felicidad). Comida criolla (Peru’s Creole Cuisine) will be represented by the restaurants: Tato, La Huaca and el 550. And this list is only the restaurants that will be participating, also famous in Peru are the “carretillas” or mobile stands of food that will prepare the equally famous anticuchos, tamales, ice cream, slushies, juices, sandwiches, emollients and sweets. This is by no means a complete list, there are new participants too like stands for salchipapas (“french fries and hot dog slices”), caldo de gallina, empanadas, papa rellenas, chanfainita and arroz con pollo. As you can read, the number of different cuisines within one country like Peru is huge, and doubt very much that a single day will do justice.

Among the Peruvian Chefs invited for Mistura 2010 you will find Alvaro Raffo, Astrid Gutsche, Carlos Testino, Diego Muñoz, Edgardo Rojas, Hajime Kasuga, Jana Escudero, Javier Ampuero, Javier Morante, Mitsuharu Tsumura, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, Rafael Osterling, Rafael Piqueras, Renato Peralta, Rodrigo Conroy, Roger Arakaki, Valerie Schroth, Victor Gutierrez, and Virgilio Martinez.

Chef Gaston Acurio

A special mention to a very special person, a chef whose dedication to bring the Peruvian cuisine to new highs has made possible Mistura and many other gastronomic events like Madrid Fusion, Chef Gaston Acurio, owner of Astrid and Gaston and La Mar Cebicheria among many other restaurants and franchises in Peru and America, is considered the Ambassador of the Peruvian Cuisine to the world. Chef Gaston Acurio is the President of Mistura´s Organization Comitee and with his vision and guidance make this new edition of the Gastronomic Fair Mistura 2010 possible.

This year Mistura 2010 has invited Spain to be part of the gastronomic celebration. Spain brings not only some of the most famous dishes like “tapas” but also an important selection of Spanish Chefs that will participate and give conferences.

Besides the incredible food and gastronomy conferences, Mistura 2010 will host a special area designated for music and art. Live music provided by Peruvian local bands will start around 7 pm and 8 pm. For more information about the events taking place at Mistura 2010 you can click here: (

For ticket information, packages and prices in English (click “English” on the right top corner) you can go here:

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