If you read my last article on Mistura 2011 you will know that this year the Gastronomic Event of the Year will be open for a total of 10 days, from September 9th to September 18th in Lima, Peru. The news today is that we finally have Mistura 2011 ticket prices available and where you can go to purchase your tickets ahead of the main event.

Mistura 2011 Ticket Prices

The good news is that you can purchase tickets ahead of time with significant savings. For example, the Mistura 2001 ticket prices for adult tickets are only 15 Nuevos Soles (around 5.50 US dollars) and the children ticket is only 8 Nuevos Soles (close to 2.92 US dollars).
You can also purchase your Mistura 2011 ticket for the most popular days (Monday and Tuesday) for around 12 Nuevos Soles (or close to 4.40 US dollars).

Now is a good time to purchase these tickets if you know you will likely assist to Mistura 2011. Once Mistura 2011 starts, prices will rise to around 20 Nuevos Soles for adults and 10 Nuevos Soles for children.

New changes to Mistura 2011 include more space (required to accommodate the more than 300,000 people expected to show), along with additional areas to promote Pisco and Peruvian sweets. Keeping current with the change of times, Mistura 2011 will allow public to participate and vote using the internet in any of the 12 events open to public participation.

Where can I buy my Tickets to Mistura 2011?

You can buy your Mistura 2011 ticket at any participating Teleticket office. The page is in Spanish only. You can access the page at Teleticket clicking here.

Mistura 2011 – Pisco and Sweets

The 4th edition of the International Gastronomic Fair also known as Mistura 2011 will have 2 new sections displaying Peru’s emblematic drink Pisco and the other will show Peru’s sweets delicacies like tejas, turrones, crema volteada, leche asada, arroz con leche, alfajores, suspiros a la limeña, king kongs and much more.

Just like last year, do not forget to stop by the fruits display to enjoy more than 85 varieties of fruits from all Peruvian regions. Remember to stop in the bread section to taste more than 50 varieties of warm breads available.

This Mistura 2011 will definitely be better than last year and you should not miss this event if you are lucky enough to be visiting Peru at this time so hurry up and purchase your Mistura 2011 ticket ahead of time.

3 thoughts on “Mistura 2011 Ticket Prices and Where to Buy

  1. good morning , we are interesting in Mistura 2012,
    we are running a restaurant in Harrisburg ,Pa USA and we have chefs that would like to go to this event. how can we get tickets to the private first day before open to the public!!! of course we will be in Peru for a whole week!!
    thank you

    1. Hello Janeth. There is little info about Mistura 2012 yet, but as soon as I get the dates and some info I will create a page for this year’s Mistura. Just keep checking the site from time to time. Oh! and those chefs are going to love this festival, it is unbelievable. Thanks for your question.

      1. Mistura was great fun! Apega, the organizers of the gastronomic festival, have announced the dates for 2012’s event for September 7th to the 16th. They announced a larger location this year to accommodate even more people. Mistura 2012 is to be held at the Campo De Marte in downtown Lima. It is very close to the Parque de la Exposicion where it was held last year, and provides 30% more space.

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