mistura-2012Finally the organizers of the gastronomic festival, Mistura 2012 inLima,Peru had announced the dates for this year’s event. Mistura 2012 will take place from September 7th to September 16th. Mark your calendars and to our lucky tourists make sure you arrive inLimato celebrate this gastronomic event, you will not be disappointed.

Peru is not just Machu Picchu, and if you enjoy good traditional food,Limacan be a great destination this coming September 2012. It is time to plan your travel and reserve a couple of days or more inLima, to visit its museums and Mistura 2012.

Apega, the organizers of the yearly gastronomic event Mistura 2012, are hoping to receive a record half a million visitors for this year 2012 event. An incredible number of locals and tourists food aficionados.

Mistura 2012, the largest gastronomic fair inLatin America, will last for 10 days full of tasteful Peruvian food, tradition, music and all around happiness. While the days had been announced, the location where Mistura 2012 will take place still needs to be determined. Last year, Mistura 2011 was held at the Parque de la Exposicion (ExpositionPark) located in Historic Lima, from September 9th to 18th and welcomed 400 thousand “hungry” people. Apega is searching for a bigger place this year, to bring quality, satisfaction and a better environment to visitors.

The number of expected visitors to Mistura 2012 is around 500 thousand people; this number is 20% more than last year. Finding a bigger place to accommodate this many public is the number one concern for the organizers.

Besides the place, Apega is looking to complete the process to qualify the restaurants and workers that will be participating this year, without a doubt not a simple task.

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So don’t forget, here is the info as we have it right now:

Mistura 2012

September 7th – 16th

Location: Campo de Marte

Ticket Purchase: Not determined yet.

Cost: Not determined yet.

El Campo de Marte chosen to host Mistura 2012

Mistura 2011 was not finished yet when the organizers were already sure that for Mistura 2012 a new (bigger) place was required. A place that will allow for an increased capacity and better comfort for each of their visitors. Finding the right location was easier say than done.

The place chosen for Mistura 2012 is “El Campo de Marte” located in Jesus Maria district, less than 300 meters from the past venue.

El Campo de Marte, located in the metropolitan area of Lima, is one of the largest parks in the city. Currently is used to watch the Grand Military Parade that takes place every July 29 to celebrate the Independence Day (July 28th).

The 2012 edition of Mistura, Peru’s Gastronomic Fair is expected to host 600 thousand visitors, an amount that is 200 thousand more visitors than last year’s event. For that effect, an increase of 25-30% across the board was necessary. More space, more restaurants, more land, and more lines.


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  1. I will be traveling from Puerto Rico to attend Mistura 2012. I would very much like information so that I can make preparations in advance for this event. I will be bringing guests, and so want to make this event as hassle free as possible for all of us. I will be purchasing all tickets, and since this will be my first time attending, I want to know what is the process. Do I purchase a card that gives me access, do I use my credit card or do I put money on a card that is issued by Mistura? I would like to be as well informed as possible so that we aren’t wandering around, we want to make the most of our visit. Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you.

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