Buying your medicine or consulting one of the attendants or specialists from one of the best pharmacies in Lima, could be the difference between finding fast relief from your pain or sickness, or maybe getting worse.

The best pharmacies in Lima usually carry a larger merchandise stock and you have a better chance to finding the perfect medicine to alleviate your symptoms. Also, the customer service will be better and will be important that you receive a cordial help.

Additionally, you can be sure that this largest pharmacy or “boticas” retailers will be able to help you on the phone, and also deliver the medicine promptly to your hotel room or the place where you are staying while in Lima (or other Peruvian larger cities).

5 Best Pharmacies in Lima

1.     Inka Farma

inkafarma pharmacy peru

2.     Boticas BTL

3.     Botica Mi Farma


4.     Boticas FASA


5.     Boticas Arcangel

The Real Pharmacy Picture in Peru

You will see that some of the pharmacy information is the same, and at least one site ( is not updated, and a second one ( get redirected to Boticas Mi Farma’s website. So, what is going on?

There is a big push for consolidation (or monopoly if you want to see it that way) of pharmacies in Peru. And as of this writing, there are 3 controlling companies: Quimica Suiza, In Retail Peru Corp, and DECO S.A.C. So basically, some of these pharmacies are starting to get consolidated, but is not happening quickly. I am giving you a list of 5 different pharmacies, all of them with high standards and good customer service and if you see one of them, you know you are in good hands.

Consolidation of the Best Pharmacies in Lima, Peru
Consolidation of the Best Pharmacies in Lima, Peru

While some of the pharmacies are not changing their facade, they are consolidating their websites and redirections are common. I added the information as I know it, and I am hoping to consolidate this information once the market is more stable.

You can be sure that all these 5 pharmacies carry the best products and merchandise, of course a big problem with market consolidation is price fixing. You can be sure that the price of medication will be the same in all of these pharmacies, so you shouldn’t try to go to another pharmacy just to find a cheaper price, usually pharmacies within the same geographical location will share the same price.


I wanted to write this page to be able to update the list of pharmacies independent or any other page that also includes general information, also you are able to share this list in any of the social networks like Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter.





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