Lima is an exciting city, and as many of other cities with high population density, Lima suffers from many common ailments and one of the worst is the air pollution. Is it possible to live free of the air pollution in Lima? Maybe not, but you can try different things to minimize the effects of air pollution in your body.

Although Peru is endowed with great natural resources, the air can sometimes be filled with pollutants. Most of this pollution can be attributed to growing industrialization and urban development. Other sources of pollution include motor vehicle emissions and fuel combustion.

How to Appreciate Lima and Forget about Air Pollution

There is little doubt that this air pollution poses serious health challenges and warrants intervention as a matter of priority. Latin America governments continue to grapple with ways to handle with air pollution in their countries, and Lima (and Peru in general) is not an exception.

Bear in mind that many of these solutions will apply only if you are planning to spend a long period of time in Lima. But there are some quick solutions down a the bottom.

The following are some of the measures that we can take to survive air pollution.

1. Avoid the Outdoors at Night

Latin America’s pollution levels vary depending on the country and its traffic patterns. Pollution is highest during the night due to the colder temperatures. Cold temperature leads to inversion, which leads to pollutants from factories and cars being trapped to form a thick layer of warm air. You can see a lot of pollution as an inversion effect in cities like Mexico City for example.

2. Avoid too much physical activity when the air is polluted

The more physically engaged you are, the more polluted air you breathe in. Air pollution will do more harm to your body than physical exercise will benefit you. Wait for the air quality to improve before embarking on physical exercise. This is especially important for the elderly and young children.

This is why you will see many more people running on the mornings than at night. The air is better and your body will receive the greatest benefit.

3. Avoid Taking your Kids Outdoors When It’s Smoggy

The rate of breathing for children is much higher than that of grown-ups, which means that they will absorb more toxic air while outside. Their lungs are also not fully developed at this stage and can suffer long-term damage due to pollution. Toxins also stay in children’s bodies longer.

4. Reduce Energy Use

Generating electricity causes air pollution. By using less energy, you are helping in the improvement of air quality, encouraging energy independence and saving money!

5. Increase the Greenery Around You

Although greenery on its own does not fix air pollution, it does help in enhancing air quality. Greenery also reverses the heat effect in urban areas. Greenery also helps urban centers in becoming resource sufficient.

6. Asthma Patients Should Always Keep an Inhaler Close

In Lima, it is very easy for an asthma patient to experience breathing difficulties. This is why having a nebulizer or inhaler close by is so important. Any sudden breathlessness should never be ignored. Check what to do in case of an asthma attack in this other article: What to Do in Case of an Asthma Attack While Visiting Lima, Peru

7. Eat Foods that Fight Pollution

Foods that boost immunity and fight inflammation are crucial for making your airways not react to air toxins. Garlic has medicinal compounds like sulfhydryl and allicin which make it one of the best immune boosters. It also has antimicrobial which helps fight infections.

8. Use Eco-Friendly Products

Consider purchasing the greenest and cleanest products that contain no harmful polluting material. For example, you can use essential oils instead of industrial air fresheners in the home. There are also green products for cleaning which can be used in place of conventional chemical containing products.

9. Recycle or Use Recycled Products

Making new products takes a lot of energy, pollutes the air and also increases the environmental footprint of the new products. Products derived from recycled materials take less energy in comparison.

10. Air-Cleaning Houseplants

Our homes are also filled with pollutants. In fact, in some instances, indoor air contains much more pollutants than the air outdoors. Keeping houseplants such as Aloe Vera, chrysanthemums and bamboo is one of the best ways of cleaning indoor air.

What to Do If You Are Just Passing By

Obviously, the previous solutions are better suited for people staying longer periods of time in Lima, Peru. But, what happened if you are only staying a couple of days or a week?

Let’s check these solutions.

Desktop Air Purifier

Having a portable air purifier could be the solution to remove pollutants and allergens from the air in your room. Choose one with a HEPA filter for maximum particle removal. This Holmes is my favorite:

Holmes HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier, 3 Speeds plus Optional Ionizer, HAP242-NUC

Anti-Pollution Bicycle Mask

If you enjoy riding a bike around the coast of Lima but do not want to be expose to the amount of pollutants, a bicycle mask is the best option.

WOLFBIKE Super Anti-Pollution Motorcycle Bicycle Cycling Racing Mask Carbon Cloth Bike Ski Half Face Mask. Black


Don’t let the air pollution take a bite out of your vacation in Lima, Peru. Just following a few of the tips in this page can make your stay a more enjoyable one. Concentrate in eating the right type of foods, choosing the best times to be outside and exercise, and using a mask to keep the smog out of your lungs and you should be okay.

I hope you like this article and please if you have a question or want to add a personal experience feel free to send a commentary. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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