Valuable information regarding how the Peruvian airport is preparing to receive more than 1000 passengers arriving every night from Mexico and the United States.

In an average night at the Jorge Chavez International Airport arrive six flights from the United States (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Newark, Atlanta and L.A) and one flight from Mexico D.F.

The number of passengers can reach 1,100 arriving between 9:45pm and 11:55pm (eastern time).

The flight from Mexico (Aeromexico 018) is scheduled to land at 11:55pm carrying a maximum number of 189 passengers.

The airport authorities had incremented procedures to detect any passengers showing symptoms of the swine flu. All passengers considered sick will be transported to a special area at the Daniel Alcides Carrion Hospital properly conditioned to treat any case of swine flu.

As of this moment, health officials investigating every airplane from Mexico and the United States, had not found any cases of swine flu.

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