Step by step list of emergency and ambulance phone numbers and clinics names to follow in case of an asthma attack.

ashtma in lima, peru

Is not a mystery that the air quality in Peru is bad. Years of greenhouse gases and traffic air pollution had created a lingering cloud of toxins and pollutants suspended over Lima, Peru. One consequence of air pollution is the increase of childhood asthma and asthma attacks in adults. Tourists are also in great danger of asthma attacks while visiting Lima. Areas around Historic Lima present high levels of pollution in the air; add to that a common touristic activity like walking combined with Lima’s humidity and you have a real chance for an asthma attack.

Asthma symptoms are difficulty to breathe, excessive coughing, phlegm, chest tightness and back pain. Asthma can be treated and kept under control and is always better to take care of it right away and avoid any complications or infections that are more painful and make the recovery treatment take longer. I will advise against waiting to be back home to get treatment.

Where to Go in case of an asthma attack?

From experience I can give you the name of a couple of clinics (hospitals) that treat this emergency. You can call an ambulance (470–5000) or Medical Emergency System (117) and tell them to take you to:

  • Clinica Javier Prado

    • Avenida Javier Prado Este 499, San Isidro, Lima, Peru.
    • Phone: (511) 211–4141
    • Emergencies: Extension 323
  • Clinica Anglo Americana

Of course, these two excellent clinics (or hospitals) are not the only ones able to treat an asthma attack, but is where I take my wife and will take my wife again in case of an emergency like the asthma attack.


The name of the specialty in charge of treating everything related to respiratory problems is called “NEUMOLOGIA”. The fastest treatment is called “NEBULIZACION” or “misting” is a medical procedure consisting in the administration of drug or therapeutic element by vaporization through the airway. the substance to be administered in combination with a liquid medium, often saline, with the help of gas, usually oxygen create a vapor that can be inhaled by the patient. The duration of this procedure is around 45 minutes broken down in 3 sessions of 15 minutes each one after the other. Is common for the doctor to also prescribed medicine to lower the inflammation. This medicine can be:

  • Prednisona (corticosteroid)
  • Celestone (generic name: betametasona)
  • Salbutamol: Marketed by GlaxoSmithKline as Ventolin, Aerolin or Ventorlin.

How to Avoid an Asthma Attack

The worst time to travel will be during the winter season (from May to November) when the temperatures can be as low as 59F. Lima is a very humid city and your best bet if you already suffer from asthma is to take the medicines with you. Some districts are better than other, read “Where to Stay in Lima to Avoid Air Pollution” for more information. Also, if possible try to choose a hotel with heat or dehumidifier. And try to avoid smoking at least during your visit to Lima, Peru (I know it can be hard but having an attack in a remote country is not my idea of vacation)

1 thought on “What to do in case of an Asthma attack while visiting Lima, Peru

  1. Hello everyone,
    I went to visit Lima Peru for 5 days during the month of April. I become very ill
    with an asthma attack and bronquitis. I went to the emergency room at the Clinic Stella Maris. The service was excellent. However, the medication wasn’t effective as it should be. during my returned to the United States I become sick. Therefore, if you are not administered the best medication you will have another asthma attack and the bronquitis will continue. I’m fine thanks to my doctor Raymond Carter who is an excellent Doctor.

    Carmen Grey

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