peru-inca-trail-hike-mapIf you are thinking of hiking Peru’s Inca Trail, then it is crucial that you know how to prepare, what you will need to pack and how you will cope so that to maximize your chances of reaching Cusco Peru while alive and still smiling.

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The water situation is of utmost importance for every trekker. You should establish if the travel company you are using will provide drinking water, make sure the water is safe for consumption and find out how much of it you will need to carry. Usually 1.5 liters (half a gallon) is enough for a single person. It is important that the travel company supplies you with boiled drinking water at breakfast, lunch as well as dinner to avoid suffering any untoward consequences.

You also need to make sure that you are in good shape if you really want your Inca Trail hike to be an unforgettable one. Note that the demands of fitness for a trekking holiday may not be the same as those of other activities, so you will need to make sure that your fitness workout is in compliance with the demands of the trek. If you are not a specialized trekker especially, it is very crucial that you follow a serious training routine if you want to get maximum benefit from trekking the Inca Trail. Even though you might be physically fit, remember that the Inca Trail has things that are not present in your daily routine and therefore you have to take the training before the trek seriously.

Some events do not need one to be a specialized trekker, for instance climbing hills as well as walking paths at varying altitudes, but these too will need you to have a reasonable understanding of fitness in order to carry them out successfully.

Completing the Inca Trail will take very long periods, approximately 6 to 7 hours a day. The temperature may be varying at times as you move over hilly as well as rigged terrains. You will require leg strength, endurance, stamina, aerobic fitness as well as a comfortable pair of walking shoes to survive throughout the trail.

How to Train for the Inca Trail Hike

Hiking boots are a must for anyone attempting the Inca Trail, for they are light and they will not make your feet feel uncomfortable as a result of the long walk. You should look for trails that pass through the countryside or the woodlands in order for you to get used to trekking on uneven ground and stones. Also remember to bring with you a rucksack that weighs approximately 10 pounds so that in it you will have a water bottle, toilet paper, some food as well as other personal effects. A walking stick may also be handy. If you have height concerns, you should locate the terrain that is hilly and narrow paths in the countryside that climb unevenly.

As another form of preparation for taking Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, look for a difficult terrain in your area and go for a weekend hiking of about 7 hours a day. This is not necessarily a mountain, but it could be a hilly, rural rocky or stony terrain that will make your muscles adapt to long walking periods. If you are overweight make a point of going to the gym and using mostly the step machine, and also swim regularly in order to increase your aerobic resistance.

G Adventures

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