If you are expecting a quality vacation at Peru, then you better take care of certain parts of your trip beforehand, for example what is the Machu Picchu weather going to be during your vacation and which of the Machu Picchu hotels will you be staying. Quite naturally, if you are traveling to Peru, then definitely you will be visiting Machu Picchu. Therefore, finding the right Machu Picchu hotel is the prime task for you before you opt for trip to the Sacred Valley and their wonderful ruins.

machu picchu hotelsThis is an amazing location and experiencing a good flow of tourists every year. So, booking your hotel room well in advance seems to be the best option for you to make the holiday successful as well as comfortable. Certainly, there are varieties of Machu Picchu hotels you will find in this part of the world that suits a different budget. These hotels are ranging from the business class to the most affordable ones. Below you will find out some of the great Machu Picchu hotels that have always catered guests with a great approach.

Machu Picchu Hotels: Sanctuary Lodge

This is a deluxe hotel and the only one that is located inside the Machu Picchu sanctuary. From the ruins, it may take only a few seconds to reach this hotel. This hotel has always delivered a casual atmosphere for the guests and has a total of 29 rooms along with two suites, 12 of those have an incredible view to the Machu Picchu mountains.

Machu Picchu Hotels: Hatuchay Tower

This is a first-class hotel and is located within minutes from Machu Picchu. This hotel was announced for the guests during December 1999. It offers different quality services for the guests like satellite TV, elevator and an excellent room service. At this Machu Picchu hotel, you can find some suites with Jacuzzis as well as suites equipped to access the internet. This hotel serves the guest with an international quality cuisine. Undoubtedly, Machu Picchu hotels are offering great services for the guests. Some of these hotels are really luxurious, and some of them are affordable. So, a tourist can always choose the best hotel at this part of the world as per his or her budget and requirements.

Machu Picchu Hotels: SUMAQ

Located in Aguas Calientes, this five-star hotel is only minutes from Machu Picchu. One of its main attractions is the exquisite cuisine of traditional Peruvian dishes. The staff is always warm and ready to help and any special requests can be accommodated quickly and effectively. Within the variety of rooms, you can find the Superior Deluxe (46) as their most typical accommodation, the Junior Suites (11) with hydro massage tubs and at the top, the Sumaq Suites, the largest rooms equipped with Jacuzzis, LCD flat screens and sumptuous linens.

Conclusion: Machu Picchu Hotels

Machu Picchu hotels offer an incredible convenience to the tourist and traveler visiting the ruins, instead of waiting to reach Cuzco to rest after an exhausting tour of the ruins, tourists can just walk to their hotels and be resting in less time. Be aware that for the best rates and locations you need to book your rooms way ahead of time at any of the luxurious Machu Picchu hotels.

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