Machu Picchu train is an affordable way through which you can’t miss the attractive natural beauty during the journey to the Sacred Valley. Machu Picchu is a great historical destination in this world that is loaded with past golden memories of the Inca emperor. That’s why most of the people from different regions of the world visit Machu Picchu to refresh this golden period listed in the world history. Due to the high number of tourists from around the world, many transportation facilities were developed to take the travelers towards this strenuous landscape. The Machu Picchu train system is the best alternative for people to enjoy the charming beauty and to get more comfort or excitement during their journey.  The Machu Picchu train service is managed by Peru’s PeruRail train service.

Machu Picchu Train

machu picchu train

Well, the Machu Picchu train departs from the San Pedro station located in Cusco and reaches the historical Machu Picchu town in three hours and forty minutes more or less.  This stunning journey often starts from the Cusco and passes the switchback that is locally known as the zigzags. After that, the last thirty hour this train will run at the rising Picchu Mountain that is also known as the city tallest point.  Therefore, you can get some amazing experience while riding Machu Picchu train.  There are so many attractive beauties that you can enjoy during the journey like beautiful landscape, colorful villages, herds of llamas, and green grasslands.

You can also enjoy some traditional Inca buildings as well as the archaeological sites during the journey. In this regard, you can get a memorable experience by choosing Machu Picchu train service than any other transportation facilities. However, you can get the best opportunity to choose the comfortable train service as per your requirement that can make your journey more comfortable and memorable forever. It is also a guarantee that you can get unique experience by choosing train service to reach this Machu Picchu historical destination.

PeruRail Vistadome

machu picchu train vistadomeFor the travelers who like comfort and are searching for the economical ride, Vistadome is one perfect choice. This train is designed especially to give the best view from the striking landscape’s outsides. Large windows & glazed ceiling panels give panoramic scenes in different directions, and making for the visually stimulating and exciting journey through the Sacred Valley.


Finally, the budget travelers will tend to prefer Backpacker train. Whereas still giving the high standard of service and quality, this train is best rail choice for shoestring travelers. Not like Hiram Bingham and Vistadome, Backpacker service just departs from the Ollantaytambo station – and making it the famous option for the people who would like to stay overnight in Sacred Valley & arrive as soon as possible in Machu Picchu.  Visiting this site in this way will help the travelers to avoid the unnecessary night at Aguas Calientes, though for the travelers who would like to enter to Machu Picchu in sunrise, night at Aguas is needed.

Conclusion: Machu Picchu Train

machu picchu train luxuryTraveling from Cusco, to Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu can be a completely new rewarding experience. The Machu Picchu train offers you the option to enjoy the beautiful landscape, arrive to Machu Picchu in a safe manner and dive into the culture of this wonderful place.

machu picchu train map

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