If you are out there and you love outdoor adventures, going for a trekking holiday in Peru can be a memorable experience filled with an excellent array of breathtaking landscapes, rivers, jungles, hills, mountains and other natural wonders.

Outdoor adventures can be fascinating for many, breaking from our daily habits and going for trekking holidays can be even more interesting.

Trekking holidays gives one an opportunity to have a great experience with nature.

In this piece, I am going to share with you the top five trekking destinations in Peru.

Top Five Trekking Destinations in Peru

You will find all kinds of trekking adventures in Peru, be careful to choose one that matches your experience and physical condition, high-altitude trails can be demanding, when in doubt, ask your travel agent or the booking agency.

1. Inca Trail

The Inca Trail is one of the most popular trekking destinations in the world, and one of the must-visit destination in Peru.

The destination offers fantastic ancient trails with incredible scenery.

Traversing the hills and mountains and trekking across the Amazon jungle will blow your mind off! You get to explore some of the old Inca ruins and tunnels and finally winding up your trek at sun gate at Machu Picchu, this experience can be enriching and adventurous.

This destination is a favorite for many travelers around the world, therefore advisable to make your bookings earlier especially in high season.

You can visit our page: Best Months to Visit Machu Picchu Weather, to find the best time to visit the Inca Trail.

Also, you can visit our other article to prepare for the Inca Trail, one of the most breathtaking trekking adventures in the world.

2. Salkantay Trek

Situated close to the majestic Inca trail, Salkantay trekking destination is equally fascinating, a wonderful collection of mountain trails and ancient footpaths inside the Savage Mountain.

Salkantay trek provides you with an incredible experience. The altitude in this place is high, and it has several mountains at a lower elevation compared to the Inca trail.

The scenery of the route is breathtaking, ranging from the peak of Peruvian Andes, the sacred valley and traversing to the Willkapampa Mountain (also known as Vilcabamba mountain range).

Although many people take this trek as an alternative to Inca Trail, Salkantay is unique in different ways.

3. Santa Cruz Trek

Santa Cruz trek is one of the fascinating alpine hiking trails in the world, and among the top five trekking destinations in Peru.

It offers you an opportunity for a great view of the white mountains of Peru with a spectacular three days hiking experience.

Do you have experience in hiking? No need to worry about that, this trek gives an opportunity for all levers of hikers. Also, there are; no restrictions, no bandits, and no permits asked in this trek. But it is advisable to seek recommended operators’ guidance for you to have an unforgettable experience.

The trek begins in a place called Huaraz, a ten-hour’s drive from Peru’s capital, Lima.

4. Choquequirao Trek

The trek is commonly referred to as “a trek of the strong ones.

If you are physically fit, and you have the muscle to cruise through a rough terrain, then this is a challenge you should take.

Here, the climate and altitude are not favorable, but the scenery is spectacular.

Choquequirao is usually not crowded, and if you are seeking a peaceful alternative to other treks in Peru, then this is an alternative for you.

This trek offers a wonderful archeological excavation experience; it gives the traveler a feel of the ancient Incan civilization.

Vast with different historical structures, it is the best destination for those yearning to learn the history of the Incan cities while having an adventurous experience

5. Lares Trek

Lares trek is situated east of Machu Picchu; it offers a short but spectacular trek.

The trek starts off Cusco traversing the Lares Valley and the Andean farmlands.

This trek is unique since it provides someone with an opportunity to interact with the locals; it gives the guests a chance to learn the old traditional ways of the locals.

As you traverse through the local farmlands, watch out for their unique style of condors.

If you like outdoor adventure, definitely this is a must go trek.

It is always advisable to book early since this trekking trip requires much more time for preparation.


If you are a traveler and you would like to have either a smooth and slow trek or you want to push your physical trekking limits while having fun, definitely any of these five trekking destinations in Peru will provide you with the outdoor experience that you need.

As always, try to book your trekking tours early and be prepared to choose the best months to guarantee a trouble-free full of adventure trip.

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