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5 great supermarkets you can buy your groceries while in Lima, Peru with their locations ,delivery information, and links to their websites.


Buying your medicine or consulting one of the attendants or specialists from one of the best pharmacies in Lima, could be the difference between finding fast relief from your pain or sickness, or maybe getting worse. The best pharmacies in Lima usually carry a larger merchandise stock and you have a better chance to finding …


Do you have indigestion? Do you have diarrhea? Learn what medicines will help you fight these illnesses in Lima, Peru and continue enjoying your trip.


There are many good pharmacies in Lima, Peru. Pharmacies are called “Farmacias” or “Boticas” in Spanish. Pharmacies like “Boticas BTL”, “InkaFarma”, and “Boticas FASA” for example, are well regarded as safe places to buy medicines and personal care items and the ones I am familiar with, there are many other good ones but I just …