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This is the second part of tips about public transportation in Lima, Peru. If you want to read the original article, go to 10 Tips about Public Transportation Part 1.

Always remember visiting Peru is like visiting any other country or even your own country, there will be areas and things that you should not do or visit at certain times or unaccompanied but by providing these tips I hope you can incorporated new experiences to your trip and understand Peru a bit better than before.

So I will take the list were I left, without much ado here it comes…

6. It is cheaper than any other method of transportation.

There are times and situations when taking a bus or combi will make perfect sense. When I travel to Peru I like to rent an apartment in Lince just because is in between Lima and Miraflores and close to San Isidro (and I like to save some money on lodging). Transportation in the area close to Avenida Arequipa is crazy and when I need to go to Miraflores or Lima I will take one of the popular buses marked “TODO AREQUIPA” and the cost from Lince to Miraflores or Lince to Lima will be less than a dollar. And when taken outside peak hours it is also fast.

7. Board fast.

Buses and micros and combis are always in competition for passengers and always rushing from stop to stop. If you are able to confirm that the right bus is now stopping or you are being told to board the bus, then do just that. You don’t have to pay right away, so once you board the bus move inside to take a seat. Once inside and the bus is in motion the “cobrador” (money collector) will come to you and ask for payment. Keep the small ticket as a receipt until your trip is completed.

8. Be ready to pay in Peruvian currency.

Have Peruvian Nuevos Soles ready to pay for your ride. Chances are that unless your money is crisp it will not be accepted and besides there is a good chance that it will be cheaper than a dollar and you will not be getting change.

9. Don’t take a bus if you need to arrive to your destination quickly.

Buses and micros for their very nature are always trying to pick up as many passengers as possible and speed becomes an issue only when a bus or micro with a similar route has the possibility to “steal” passengers if arrives first at the next stop. If you need to be somewhere fast your best chance is a taxi or cab.

10. Enjoy a quick ride

Don’t miss the opportunity of a new experience. Take pictures if you want. It’s not difficult to get lost but it is difficult to continue to be lost for a long time. If you don’t know where you are going just leave the bus and get a taxi back to your hotel or to continue your trip. Many friends who had traveled to Peru tell me of the friendliness of their people and I am sure you will be help all the way.

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  1. I agree. Don’t use foreign currency to pay your bus fare. Don’t use large-denomination peruvian bills either: make sure you bring local coins.

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