I decided to help the few brave visitors and tourists that are determined to rent a car while visiting Lima, Peru, and provide a list of gasoline types and prices and car rental offices and websites in Lima and Cuzco. The process of renting a car is not different than in any other country but requires to make sure that some assumptions are communicated to the agents in Lima, Peru (auto transmission type for example). The driving in a country like Peru, in a city like Lima… That’s a truly unique experience. You will experience what I called “Orderly Chaos” and be prepared for noise… lots and lots of noise.

Gasoline and Gas Stations in Lima

All gas stations in Lima (and Peru) are operated by attendants, much like a full service gas station in states like New Jersey (in the US). Due to some cases of credit card fraud, gas stations had acquired the bad reputation of credit card cloning stations, as a precaution, pay with cash or pay with a credit card that gives you some kind of protection against fraud. Try not to use a debit card here (bank card connected to your checking andor savings deposits).

You will find gas stations in your right and in your left and sometimes even in the middle of the road. Most of the gas stations are medium size with enough space for filling up to 4 cars comfortably and some gas stations have a small office where you can buy some snacks or drinks.

Due to the volatility of petroleum prices, I am not sure for how long will the gasoline prices be accurate. Hopefully, it helps to give you an idea of how much you will have to pay for gasoline in Miraflores and Lima.

Gas Prices

District: Miraflores
Current Nuevo Sol to Dollar (USD) as of July 2010: 1 USD = 2.85 Nuevos Soles

The higher the octane grade the better the gasoline, the gasoline 97 for example will be called Premium in some countries like the United States. In Peru, there are no names associated with each octane, just numbers.

gasoline type Price (Nuevo Sol/Gallon)
97 14.19 – 15.59
95 13.69 – 14.95
90 11.09 – 11.79
84 10.09 – 10.69
Kerosene 11.62 – 12.50
Turbo 6.27
Diesel2 BA 10.39 – 10.84
Gas Natural Vehicular 1.39

Car Rental

Several car rental companies operate in Lima, Peru. To name a few, and only the ones known to operate in the United States, you can find Budget, Hertz and Dollar. The pickup and drop-off locations is the International Airport Jorge Chavez, but I am sure companies like Hertz will accommodate delivering the car to your hotel as they are located in touristic Miraflores and one thing about Peru  is that services are very accommodating to tourist and travelers.

All cars rented in Lima by these international companies come with limited mileage. Make sure you have car insurance covering all accidents before driving out of the car lot, your chances of having an accident, even a small one, are a bit higher in the hectic traffic of Lima. Remember to to ask for a car with automatic transmission if you require one, the most common kind of auto transmission in Peru is manual so make sure you get what you need. If you are traveling during the months of summer (December to April), it can be very hot and humid so if you want air conditioning make sure to ask for a car with one, and tested before leaving the car lot. Make sure to ask about the gasoline your auto requires.

In short, remember this:

  1. Transmission of the car (automatic or manual)
  2. Insurance (full protection against accidents and theft)
  3. Air Conditioning (summer days are brutally hot)
  4. Gasoline type

Cars in Peru have different names that the ones used in another countries. You can find a Kia Rio next to a Toyota Yaris, or a Kia Picanto and Suzuki Aerio next to a Toyota Corolla, in other words, make sure you are familiar with the size of car you are renting, if you have doubts asked the agent to show you the car.

Daily rates vary of course, by company, dates and availability but is probably from $20 to $50 per week. I rented a Toyota LandCruiser automatic with air conditioning for $100 a day my last trip 1 year ago (Like I said before I rent a car for a day or two at the most, so $100 wasn’t that much for the security a big car like that provided in Lima). But if you don’t need a big SUV, a medium size manual SUV like a Rav4 or Jimmy should be around $60 a day. Automatic transmission is a big premium in Peru, so if you drive stick you will find some bargains laying around.

I usually don’t rent a car for the whole duration of my trips to Peru, just for the couple of days when I will have to travel all over Lima taking care of business meetings and such. I don’t wait until I am in Lima to rent a car or make a reservation, what I do is rent the car from a website like Expedia and make the reservation for a couple of days for the car I want (very important to get the car you want as soon as possible, availability is crazy at times). It is much easier to change the days I will need the car once in Peru than to wait to rent the car until I know the days but then it is too late to get the right car. And here is a tip, when I personally (is better that way) go to the car rental office to change the dates I asked for an upgrade or a price reduction. Once I got an extra day free of charge.

Car Rental Offices in Lima and Cuzco


Hertz has 3 locations in Lima, Peru

Jorge Chavez International Airport
Offers Hertz Neverlost (GPS) system (check this first by calling directly)
Phone: 011-51-1-517-2402

Hotel Radisson Miraflores
Avenida 28 de Julio 151
Phone: 511-654-4538
M-F: 8:30am – 7pm
Sat: 8:30am – 3pm
Sun: closed

Avenida Cantuarias Number 160, Miraflores
Phone: 511-445-5716
(same hours)

Cuzco Airport
Aeropuerto Velasco Astete (Cuzco)
Phone: 511-445-5716

Avenida El Sol 808 (Cuzco, Peru)
Phone: 511-445-5716


5235 Avenida Javier Prado Este, La Molina, Lima
Phone: 511-434-1111


For our European travelers, Europcar, the company leader in vehicle rentals in Europe is also present in Lima, Cuzco and Arequipa.
Lima (2 locations)
Country Club Lima Hotel
590 Los Eucaliptos, San Isidro
27 Country Club Lima Hotel, San Isidro
Phone: 511-222-1010

Lima Jorge Chavez International Airport

Avenida Elmer Faucett, Callao, Lima
Phone: 511-222-1010

Cercado del Cuzco (Cuzco Downtown)
Phone: 511-222-1010

Lyberty Rent A Car

Manuel Irribarren 1280, Building 19, Apt 401
Phone: 511-242-0216

National Lima

453 Avenida España, Lima
Phone: 511-433-3750

Good Luck driving in Peru and I hope your car rental experience is a good one. Please if you experience anything different or now or peculiar leave a comment down below so it will help all the readers. Thanks again.

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