Holidays in Peru are really important. Peru is mostly Catholic and the Catholic holidays are festive days and full of touristic opportunities. All offices from the public sector will be closed during holidays in Peru and sometimes a day after or before the holiday depending on what day the holiday falls under for the year.

Update: To visit our recent list of Peruvian holidays and events calendar go to our 2010 calendar: Peruvian Holidays for 2010

Most of the commerce and shopping malls will be likely to close during the holidays in Peru with some exceptions. Much like in the United States, shops will remain open until hours before Christmas for example. Also, during most of the Catholic holidays, Churches and the businesses depending on them like flower vendors will remain open. Peruvians are hard working people and if a holidays offers the possibility to make money chances are it will remain available.

For the rest of the year (August to December of 2009), these are the holidays in Peru. This list includes the national holidays as well as the days where the public sector might close its doors.

August 30th (Sunday): Santa Rosa de Lima (Catholic holiday).

September: No holidays.

October 8th (Thursday): Battle of Angamos.

October 9th (Friday): Public sector closed.

November 1st (Sunday): All Saints Day (Catholic holiday).

December 7th (Monday): Not officially but make sure to call before making any plans.

December 8th (Tuesday): Immaculate Conception (Catholic holiday).

December 24th (Thursday): Public sector closed.

December 25th (Friday): Christmas.

December 31st (Thursday): Public sector closed.

I hope you find this list of holidays in Peru helpful. My recommendation is always to call and make an appointment or call to get business days and hours. Many businesses will close during lunch time for approximately 1 to 2 hours so beware. There are lots of things to see in Lima Peru so no reason to waste time waiting for a museum to open its doors or something like that.

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