One fee that I had not experience anywhere in the U.S is the Airport Use fee that I had to pay for a single ticket leaving the Jorge Chavez International Airport, both for international and domestic flights. I will imagine there is something similar in the U.S but most likely is already included when paying for the ticket, but in Peru it becomes the second step in your trip (after check-in).

The Single Fee for Jorge Chavez International Airport Use (TUUA in Spanish) is currently:

US$ 31.00 for International flights and,

US$ 5.84 for domestic flights.

Payment teller windows are located on the second level of the airport right after leaving the public visitor area.

Payment is due in cash and if paid in US dollars you will get your change in dollars for bills and Peruvian Nuevos Soles for coins, which immediately become souvenirs. I had not tried paying in Euros so far if someone can post a comment on that it will be appreciated by all readers.

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