Leaving a tip for what you consider was a good service is appreciated in Lima, Peru. Every time I travel to Lima I find myself being treated specially good even though I can blend easier among their population. Most everyone is always courteous and happy to serve so I applied the same principles as when tipping here in the United States. I tip if I enjoyed the service and the other person did a good job.

In Peru I will tip waiters and waitresses, hotel personnel, cleaning crew, taxi drivers, among others, but I do make some adjustments in Lima. I don’t tip in dollars only in Peruvian Nuevos Soles. Just because most of the money exchange services will only accept a crisp dollar bill which usually are not the shape of my lower denomination bills. If I leave one or two dollars in old wrinkled bills, chances are the person will not be able to change their tip easily.

Another thing is I don’t leave the tip using a credit card unless is related to some hotel services given as a package from the hotel for example. But to the person who brings food to the hotel room, or the cleaning lady or the person who went to the pharmacy to bring Excedrin’s or to pick up some food, all those I do not tip on the bill statement but in cash. The only reason being that I have no idea how long will they have t wait to get their extra money and how much will it be at the end, so instead give a cash tip and everyone will be happy.

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2 thoughts on “how to tip in Lima Peru

  1. I think the hardest is knowing a percentage. In Peru, people don’t tip by percentage as the US. I’ve used a 10% limit, instead of 20% like the US. In your experience, what do you recommend?

    1. You are very correct. I don’t remember thinking percentages while in Peru. For me, thinking in dollars and $2 increments in easier. For example, good service at a small local restaurant or taxi driver $2. The guy that your hotel sent to find your Chinese food at 8pm or some wine at 11pm maybe around $6. When in doubt, ask either the same person or their manager. More than anything remember is about service and how do you feel about the service provided. In Peru, I had experience and been told, service to tourists is one of the best. Also, the dollar is not as strong as it was once, now equals around 2+ Nuevos Soles per dollar.

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