For the most part we all like to flight, well maybe not the flight itself, but the promise of a relaxing vacation or a wonderful location.

However, what many people don’t realize is that there are ways to make these flights ideal, or less troublesome.

10 Tips to Enjoy the Ideal Flight

Here are the top 10 tips for the ideal flight that most travelers don’t know about.

1. Roll your clothes instead of folding them in your suitcase

One excellent travel secret that flight attendants who travel very frequently use is to roll clothing instead of folding it to save space in suitcases.

If you can fit more clothes into your suitcase, then you will have significantly more clothing options when you get to your final destination.

Taking this tip to the extreme, I know of some people that will carry clothes that can give away at the end of their trip, and make space for gifts and ornaments in the suitcase.

2. Sit by the window if you prefer a cooler flight

Because planes fly high up in the atmosphere, the outside air can be significantly chillier than it is on the ground.

This means that if you are flying on a hot summer day, you may be more comfortable sitting in a window seat.

However, if it is the middle of winter, that aisle seat may be best!

The only exception is for people who like to move around the plane a lot, or use the restrooms frequently. In that case, choosing an aisle seat is the better option.

3. Get an airline credit card for great perks

If you use an airline credit card, then you can not only earn frequent flyer miles, but you can also get great perks, such as access to the airport club.

Such perks can make flying much more relaxing and stress-free.

International flights, like flying to Peru for example, can award you lots of miles that you can later use for short flights.

4. Be one of the last passengers to check your bags

The benefit of doing this is that your bags will be loaded off of the plane first, meaning it can dramatically reduce the amount of time you have to wait in baggage claim for your bag.

Doing this can make the difference between having to wait five minutes or an hour to get your luggage.

5. Schedule your flight for the morning

There are two reasons why you should do this for a more ideal flight:

  • The flight will be much less likely to be delayed.
  • According to specialists, there is significantly less turbulence in the morning, in general.
  • If your flight gets delayed, there is a better chance to make your connection or arrive the same day. You can read about my experience here: http://www.perutravelerblog.com/tips/waiting-for-an-airplane-part/

6. Make sure you don’t blog up your neck pillow all of the way

When a plane rises, the air pressure in the cabin goes up.

This means that if you have blown up your inflatable neck pillow too much, it could actually pop if turbulence shakes the plane suddenly.

So, always make sure you don’t blow it up too much.

These are some of the best travel pillows in Amazon. Don’t wait until arriving to the airport to buy one of these.

7. Use ear plugs

If you are trying to catch some sleep on your flight, then ear plugs can be extremely helpful.

This is because they can help you block out a lot of the noise that tends to occur in airplane cabins.

8. Use eye masks

Just as ear plugs can help you to block out unwanted sound, an eye mask can help you to block out unwanted light.

This can be crucial for getting a good nap in on a flight.

9. Do not drink heavily the night before your flight

It should go without saying, but hangovers and flights do not mix very well.

Whether you are taking a quick flight to Lima, or going to see Machu Picchu for the first time, a bad hangover is not ideal for air travel.

So, go easy the night before your flight!

This also applies leaving Peru. Be careful what you eat and drink hours before your return flight, the last thing you want is to flight while sick or nauseous.

10. Call the airline within 24 hours of your flight to check on upgrades

If the airline doesn’t sell enough first-class tickets before the last day before the flight, then they may offer upgrades at a significantly discounted price.

So, you may be able to upgrade from coach to first-class for a very nominal fee.

This is something that most travelers do not realize.


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