In today’s hyperactive, constantly busy world, a quality vacation has crucial significance for a balanced and healthy life.

The Internet enables greater than ever before connection, integration and even unification of work life and personal life.

In other words, now is more difficult than before to hide from our jobs. There are less and less possibilities for quality rest and relaxation.

Having a balanced life is crucial for avoiding burnout.

A vacation not only replenish our energy, is also a time to share with our family, share memories, adventures and fun.

How to Avoid Work and Enjoy your Vacation

Since a work-free vacation is very important for achieving this, here are five tips for avoiding work on your vacation.

1.      Plan your vacation well and thoroughly

The most important part of your plan is the timing of the vacation. You must know in advance the exact date range during which you will be on vacation.

This will help you to have a relaxed vacation and it will help your coworkers to function more easily without you.

Don’t go on vacation in the busiest period in the year because it will be very difficult for you not to work while vacationing.

Also, avoid starting any new projects or assignments just before leaving for vacation. This means extra stress that you don’t need just days before your planned trip.

Start planning your vacation early. In order to achieve true relaxation, know exactly the destinations you want to visit, the transportation you will use and the experiences you want to have.

2.      Finish all your projects before leaving for vacation

One of the main reasons that forces people to work on vacation is that they didn’t finish the required work before their vacation because they were distracted by the excitement of the upcoming vacation.

If your work is not completed or paused correctly, your coworkers are put on the tough spot to try complete the project without you, this means emails and calls asking for your help.

The thought of a giant stack of work on your desk awaiting your return scares people so they choose to reduce that load by working while on vacation.

This is easily stoppable.

Before you go to vacation finish the most difficult work you have. Since you will be left with the easiest work you won’t force yourself to work while on vacation out of fear.

3.      Establish an automated email reply

One of the main obstacles for achieving a work-free vacation is email.

Even if you don’t work while on vacation, if you are checking your email constantly work is still disrupting your vacation.

You can solve this problem by establishing an automated email reply through which you will inform people that are writing to you that their needed feedback will come with a delay.

The best autoresponders include instructions for contacting other people within the company with knowledge of your responsibilities. This action alone will minimize extra calls and emails that you will most likely have to deal during or after your vacation.

If you don’t want to detach yourself completely check your email only once a day. In this way you will be able to respond to the most urgent emails.

4.      Relax

Your vacation must be your exclusive relaxation paradise.

You won’t revitalize your mind and body if you don’t relax properly.

You should relish the work-free time you will spend with your friends, family or with yourself.

If you find a way to do this you will completely re-energize your mind and body which will make you even more productive at work than before your vacation.

5.      Have a plan for returning from vacation

Even if you plan your vacation well and thoroughly and you do a substantial amount of work before your vacation, your return from vacation won’t be smooth if you don’t plan it.

Return home a day prematurely or earlier in the day. This will allow you to finish the unfinished work in your home, to sleep well that night and to plan your first day at work after your vacation well.

6.      No Laptop

This is a tough one for all of us used to working on our laptop every single day.

But, while on vacation you must avoid falling into that trap. If you need to use your laptop for entertainment purposes like browsing the web, then bring a tablet instead.

No excuses.

7.      Be Active

More than anything, enjoying your vacation depends on you.

Be responsible with your family and yourself. This is your time to enjoy and relax, do just that.

Enjoy walks during your vacation, don’t sit around in your hotel room worrying about work. Make plans for a day full of activities that will not only allow you to share time with your family, but it will keep your mind busy and away from worrying about work.

8.      Be Positive

Remain positive at all times. There are no emergencies in your life and pretty much everything can wait a few days until you come back from vacation.

Having a work-free vacation is more difficult than ever, that is why is so important to be responsible for your own happiness.

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