chan-chan-trujillo-peruIf you are looking for an exotic Peruvian adventure, cultural diversity, captivating sights, music and dance, Trujillo is the right place for you. Located on the northwestern part of the country, Trujillo is the third largest city in Peru and the seat of its historical past. It is rightly known as the City of Everlasting Spring because the weather here remains sunny and pleasing all throughout the year. Despite being an important commercial city, Trujillo continues to retain its small town charm and you can have an unforgettable experience wandering through the ancient ruins of the Pre-Columbian era or exploring the grand mansions of the city built during the colonial period.

Things to do in Trujillo, Peru

trujillo-location-peru-mapHere are a few tips on how to spend your time in Trujillo Peru:

The Moche Route is the most popular tourist spot, which consists of scenic beauty, enchanting architecture, culture, cuisine, handicrafts and archaeological ruins of what remains of the Moche kingdom today. The entire countryside of Moche is full of tradition and culture.

The Historic Center consists of a number of colonial buildings and cathedrals, which are located near to each other. Visit the Main Square or Plaza de Armas, at the center of which is the Freedom Monument made of copper and marble. The 17th century Cathedral preserves the Cuzco and Quinto School of Paintings, which will be a treat for art lovers. The 16th century mansion of Casa del Mayorazgo was the place where the first flag of independence was designed, and the Casa Calonge contains gorgeous gold ornaments of the Chimu culture. Other mansions worth visiting are Casa Ganoza and Casa of Emancipation known for their architecture and historical significance.

If you are interested in exploring ancient ruins, travel to Chan Chan, a World Heritage Site and the largest Pre-Columbian city built by the Chimu, located in the north of Trujillo. Do not miss the Temple of the Sun and Moon, which still stand tall overlooking the southern area of Trujillo City. The Huaca Esmeralda is a beautifully decorated temple and the Huaca Del Dragon is a religious adobe monument.

Those who like water and enjoy surfing can go to Huanchaco Beach, which is regarded as a World Surfing Reserve, and taste the fresh seafood items at the nearby restaurants. You can also travel to Lake Conache in Laredo district, which has gorgeous sand dunes perfect for sandboarding.

Given its glorious past, it is not surprising that Trujillo has many museums catering to everyone’s interests all across the city. The Toy Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Emancipation House Museum, Museum of Moche Temples and Chan Chan Museum are worth visiting.

Trujillo is known for its cultural festivals organized at various times of the year. The Marinera Festival is the most popular festival where dancers from different parts of Peru and even abroad come here to participate in the dance competition. The Marinera Parade and the Peruvian Paso horses with their riders called chalanes are not be missed. If you are travelling in October, you can take part in the Trujillo Spring Festival. The coronation of the queen of spring and competition of horses are the highlights of the flower festival.


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