Traveling with children, especially long tours like visiting Machu Picchu for example, is a difficult task. You cannot actually expect your young ones to seat peacefully on their seat in car, train, or airplane during the long hours of journey. The trick to overcome this challenging task is to make the journey fun and exciting to your children. To do so, you have to keep them amused and their tummies full.

Children tend to be restless and irritated if remain bored and hungry for a long time. A long journey can turn into a nightmarish one if you do not take care of this couple of things. So, in order to get a much happier traveling experience, you had better take some preparation before embarking upon a long trip.

5 Easy Tips to Entertain Your Kids

1. Fun Bags

Pack a travel bag especially for your children. Do not forget to take your child’s favorite toys, teddy bear, stuffed animals, blanket, etc. in that bag. Nothing will be more comfortable to your child than having his or her favorite blanket and toys. Just taking these items can make a great difference during traveling. Is important not only to have a travel bag full of your kids goodies, but also to have such bag handy and in close proximity.

Children can feel hungry or thirsty all on a sudden. So, keep some snacks and water in spill-proof containers to tackle those moments. It will save you from listening to the whining of your child until the next meal time.

2. Packet Activity Books

kids-activity-book_smallIn order to save your children from the monotony of long journey, create personal activity center for each of your children. Bring some portable trays that your children can use as tables during the journey. Coloring and fun writing activity books can give your children scope to color pictures, draw, and write. However, do not forget to bring pencils, crayons, and pens besides books.

It would be better to purchase these books right before traveling because children are naturally attracted and become entertained with something new. New books will definitely make them more excited than drawing books that have already been marked up.

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3. Buy Games and Toys Made for Traveling

Especially designed games and activity centers are very much suitable for keeping the calm of your children. These items have magnetic pieces for puzzles or games and activity books with pens attached by strings. These items become handy when you accidentally forget bringing their toys.

In order to make your children oblivion of the tiresome journey, let them enjoy with a variety of toys and games. Keep every toy and gaming device within their reach and let them to experience a memorable journey of which they might have not thought before.

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4. Choose Some Disposable Cameras

Purchasing some disposable cameras will be a good decision as it can keep your children engaged for hours. Purchase the waterproof type in order to eliminate the fear of damaging by accidental drink spills or breaking.

If you are going to travel by road or rail, give each of your children a camera, and tell them to take pictures of interesting scenes. It will surely keep your children engaged during the whole time of traveling.

To keep their interest and fun uninterrupted, develop their taken snaps as soon as you arrive the destination. Young children love to take snaps. So, investing on a few cameras would be worthwhile.

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5. Take Electronic Devices

Irrespective of age, every child loves electronic devices such as portable gaming systems, music players, DVD players, etc. You can play a comedy or a Disney movie on the DVD player and sit relaxed for the next two hours. Do not forget to take chargers and extra batteries because you will need them while traveling.


Just some plans and preparations can help you keeping your children entertained during long journeys. Children love to be occupied seeing and doing new things. So, if you are traveling by car, breaking up the long trip by making frequent stops would be a great idea too. Try to think from your child’s perspective and prepare accordingly.



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